The Surroundings

Sori is strategically positioned among the most relevant and fascinating towns of the Riviera Ligure, and gives access to a number of stunning surroundings, such as Recco, Bogliasco, Camogli, Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino and the wonderful city of Genova.


Genova’s historical relevance derives from its period as one of the four “Repubbliche Marinare”, and currently hosts many sites from that period which are part of the Unesco’s Heritage. Visitors can still find remnants of the roman and medieval times. Among the most interesting sites to visit, we would flag Palazzo Spinola, Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Rolli, as well as the Lanterna (“lighthouse”), which, at 77m tall and 177m above the sea, is the symbol of the town.

The Aquarium is possibly the most attractive contemporary site to visit in Genova. With 70 different sections and 600 marine species from all over the world, it is the biggest in Europe.

Recco and its traditions

Recco is an ancient fishermen’s village, facing the sea of the Golfo Paradiso within a mountainous backdrop. It has plenty of religious sites of interest, such as the Sanctuaries of Madonna del Suffragio, San Michele e Santissimo Crocifisso.

Recco’s fame derives mainly from its gastronomic traditions, such as the delicious focaccia al formaggio (focaccia with cheese) and pesto topping.

Every year the municipality organises the traditional “festa dei fouchi” (fireworks celebration), a competition among the residents of the different areas.

We would highly recommend the walk to the lighthouse, which offers unforgettable views and is quite close to our B&B.

Bogliasco and its typical “bugie”

Bogliasco is a seaside resort with crystalline and shallow waters, within a natural cove offering  an atmosphere of great beauty and tranquillity. The town itself is extremely distinctive, with narrow roads and colourful buildings. It hosts a well-known antiquities fair, and every year the Sunday following the San Giuseppe celebration Bogliasco hosts the so-called Fascioladda, a street party where participants can taste the typical local sweets (“bugie”).

Portofino and its striking surroundings

Portofino is possibly the best-known town in Liguria at an international level. It is renown for its colourful houses, green surroundings and small port. It is at a few kilometers’ distance from our B&B.

Portofino frequently hosts jet-set events such as cultural exhibitions and fashion catwalks. It is famous for its lovely small piazza (“piazzetta di Portofino”) and its side alleys, which have plenty of different branded and independent shops.  There are many well-known restaurants where guests can savour local flavours, and many bars for an excellent cup of coffee.

On top of the hill of Portofino there is Castello Brown, which used to be a fortress until 1867. Eremo di Nasca is also a must-see: it is a medieval building inhabited by monks in the fourteenth century and and dedicated to Sant’Antonio. It is located in a small green valley, used to be cultivated with olive trees and has now become a windmill.

Santa Margherita Ligure and its religious monuments

Santa Margherita is a relevant touristic port of roman origins in the province of Genova, and close to our B&B. It is composed by two small boroughs and surrounded by green hills, but also shows some monuments of religious and historical relevance such as Castello di Santa Margherita, dating back 1550, and Villa Durazzo. Santa Margherita is often host to exhibitions and cultural events.   

Cinque Terre

The Sori train station is a short one-hour distance from the Cinque Terre.

This is the best way to visit all of the five villages for those who are not keen on taking long walks. Until the end of the nineteenth century, the Cinque Terre used to be completely isolated, and could be reached only by sea or on foot. The first train was completed in 1874 (railway linking Genova with La Spezia, almost entirely inside the mountains and therefore not damaging the views) and allowed easy access to Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.   From the train station of Sori there are trains every 30 minutes or every hour, depending on the seasons.