The Garden

Our room opens onto an ample garden with a wonderful view. The garden is for exclusive use of our guests and is equipped with sun loungers, tables and chairs.

Among other plants, the guests will be able to enjoy an olive tree and a maritime pine, both part of the typical vegetation of the Riviera Ligure, bouts of aromatic herbs as well as a fascinating purple bougainvillea, which sets on the walls of the guesthouse.

Relaxing on a sun lounge, among the colours of the flowers and the gentle breaching of the waves on the rocks just beneath, gives a uniquely relaxing feeling. It is particularly true at dusk, when the scenery becomes almost surreal, and the trees seem to take on new colours against the backdrop of the setting sun.

The warm climate of the area makes it an ideal place for long walks in the surrounding woods even in the deep of winter. The many locally-grown aromatic plants enhance the flavour of local dishes, something that has made traditional Liguria’s cuisine delicious albeit simple